H. Denise Wooten, PsyD, P.A. - Licensed Clinical Psychologist

About Us     

The initial meeting is an interview consultation in which you will discuss history and your concerns so that future appointments can be scheduled based on your needs.  

Please call (972) 539-8353 to schedule an appointment.   For new or returning patients (over 1 year),  please prepare to bring the following documentation for your first appointment (please see Intake Forms tab): 

  • Patient Intake Form
  • HIPAA Form
  • Office Policies
  • Child & Adolescent Developmental History Form (ages <20 yrs)
  • Adult Information Form (ages 20 yrs +)  
  • Copies of report cards, Kindergarten through current grade level
  • copies of any previous Evaluations by a school or privately (if applicable)
  • Copies of 504, IEP or ARD evaluation reports and/or plans (if applicable)

  Currently, Dr. Wooten is an in-network provider and will file claims with:  

Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO
Traditional Medicaid
Traditional Medicare

Verification of benefits is done prior to your appointment, however, we do encourage patients to verify behavioral health plan benefits as well. Claims are filed through OfficeAlly. The patient responsibility amount will be collected at the time of visit.   Payment is not guaranteed by carriers. Some  insurance plans do not cover some psychological testing instruments and protocols that may be necessary for a clinical diagnosis.  In these cases, an incremental out-of-pocket charge will be assessed to cover these costs.

Fees are collected at the time of visit and a statement will be offered to submit to your plan for reimbursement of out of network benefits. It is patient responsibility to call and inquire of out-of-network benefits in the health plan.

Payment for services is ultimately the responsibility of the patient. 

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