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The Field Research teams of SchoolHouse Educational Services, Pearson and MHS are dedicated to revising, updating, and developing new educational and psychological assessment tools. Dr. Wooten is one of hundreds of professionals who acts as a Field Research examiner for these vendors. In early phases of collection such as "pilot phase", the data collected is often used to help determine the clinical utility of a test for specific clinical populations and to aid in the selection of new test items. In later phases such as "tryout" and "standardization phase", data is used to ensure that the test is reliable, valid, and determines the range of possible scores.  Candidates of all ages are needed who have diagnoses and those who do not, depending on the project data collection needs. 

Current Projects:   none at this time


Please go to CONTACT US to submit a form for interest or call the office to learn more about participation.  Participation is limited to current clients and or family members  due to clinical data requirements of the projects.  These opportunities are scheduled at the office and your time is compensated if you are selected for one of the projects.



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