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Our offices specialize in the diagnosis of Developmental and Behavioral Disorders for patients ages 3-24An evaluation at our office is very comprehensive, requiring a series of typically 3-5 office visits beginning with Clinical Interview to discuss the concerns for the patient.  With consideration of additional complexities, occasionally an additional symptom history appointment may be scheduled.  Additional data may be collected through questionnaires and the one -on-one testing is scheduled for the patient based on the age, complexity and concerns discussed.  The data is then scored, reviewed and interpreted into a comprehensive report with a follow up feedback appointment to conclude the process. Recommendations for further treatment, medications, academic assistance, supplemental resources  or other services will be provided and discussed in the feedback session. 

Updated: Jan. 10, 2024
BCBS members: Reimbursement rates will change effective 2/1/24. This will impact the deductible and coinsurance responsibilities of your plan.


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